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Helping Vacation Home Buyers With Our Local Expertise

We represent buyers for every type of resort property at Deep Creek Lake and in Garrett County, Maryland – from condos to homes, lake property to Wisp Resort ski property, and quaint cabins to luxury estates. The agents at Railey Realty are Deep Creek’s most experienced sales team, with a deep understanding of the important factors that make up your vacation home selection criteria, such as - community amenities, lifestyle choices, property values, vacation rental considerations, and market trends. Our success can be attributed to taking great care of our clients who consistently provide outstanding reviews and refer us to their friends and family. 

Steps to Buying a Home and How We Help

Determine Your Lifestyle Needs

The first thing we do for our clients is gain an understanding of their needs and what their dream vacation home is. We start by covering the basics, such as the number of bedrooms and number of baths. But more importantly, we ask questions like: What type of setting do you want - lakefront or just lake access? Do you want a private boat dock? Is a fixer-upper okay or would you like only newer construction? What activities do you like doing while on vacation or relaxing? Our agents understand that to find the perfect vacation home, they must find out what you enjoy doing. The more you understand about the different types of properties at Deep Creek, the easier it will be to find the perfect vacation home



If you plan to finance your vacation home purchase, we highly recommend speaking with an experienced lender upfront. A lender will help you understand the lending process, determine how much you can spend, and provide a pre-approval letter.  A pre-approval letter will also strengthen an offer when you get to that step. We can suggest local lenders who specialize in vacation and rental homes, or you can use your own lender. In our experience, using a local mortgage lender who understands the Deep Creek vacation home market is usually best and provides the least amount of hassles. 

Search for Vacation Homes on

We truly believe that searching for vacation homes online should be easy and fun! Good news for you, our website is the best tool around and the easiest to search. Our site has the largest selection of properties for sale online. Through our Deep Creek Lake search tool, you can easily view the different types of lifestyle properties - lakefront, lake access, lake area, and Wisp Resort area properties. You can also sign up to receive alerts through e-mails whenever a new listing comes on the market that fits your criteria. The main navigation also allows you to easily explore our neighborhoods and all the great activities to do at Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County. We've found that when buyers use our site, they can become educated about the different areas of the lake, market values, and types of settings. Users of our site are provided the local details and expertise that the national sites like Zillow and Trulia simply cannot provide.  

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Visit Properties

Now, the really fun part! You are now ready to schedule a time to tour properties for sale with an agent. One of our experienced buyer's agents will help prepare a list of homes to view. This will include properties you specifically want to see and others your agent has researched that you may not have considered. Our agents provide free tours 7 days a week. In fact, most house searching at Deep Creek occurs on Saturdays and Sundays. Together you will visit homes, get familiarized with the area, and narrow down your top choices. Most homes for sale are usually easy to get inside, but the vacation rental homes can be a bit trickier, especially during heavier rental periods. Your agent will know the best time frames to have the highest success in getting into vacation rentals.

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Offers, Counters, and Contracts

After you have identified the property you would like to purchase, your buyer's agent will help you determine how much to offer, what inspections to get, and other important contingencies. Your agent will prepare all the paperwork needed, review with you, and then present to the seller's agent after you have signed. To be legally enforceable, all OFFERS in Maryland must be in writing and our agents use the standard Maryland Association of Realtors and Garrett County Board of Realtors forms.

The response from the sellers becomes the COUNTER OFFER. Counteroffers can be negotiated many times, but typically, both parties go back and forth 2-3 times until an agreement is finally made. Some can happen quicker, some can take longer. Your buyer's agent represents you and will facilitate all negotiations. Your agent will provide assistance and suggestions during negotiations, but ultimately, you make the final decisions.

The offer becomes a CONTRACT when the entire agreement has been completely signed and delivery has been made to all parties.  

Inspections, Repairs, and Appraisals

Once the property is under contract, it is now time to schedule inspections and work through all contractual terms until closing. If you are financing, the time it takes to close is typically 45-60 days. If you are paying cash, it can be as short as 2-3 weeks. Your chosen lender will then start the loan process and order the APPRAISALS. The appraisal is a requirement of the lender to ensure the property is worth the agreed-upon price. The lender usually has the appraisal back within 30 days. 

We will help schedule and coordinate all agreed upon INSPECTIONS from our list of independent inspectors. The choices at Deep Creek Lake include a Home Inspection to determine if there any major structural or mechanical defects. Other choices usually include a radon test, mold evaluation, chimney inspection, hot tub inspection, water bacteria test, DNR buffer strip inspection, boat dock eligibility, and a survey. After the inspections are completed, a list of defects and prioritized REPAIRS will be provided. In most instances, you will then have an opportunity to request repairs. The seller may or may not agree to the requested repairs, or instead may offer to provide a credit in lieu of repairs. Your buyer's agent will help guide you through negotiations that arise from these inspection reports.


In Maryland, the buyer gets to choose the title company and settlement company. After the entire contract has been worked through and completed, it is now time to close and settle on your vacation home! Our agents are diligent about the details, so this is usually the easy part. About 1-2 weeks before closing, you must call all service and utility providers to get service switched for the closing date. Typically the buyers will do a final walk-through about an hour before closing to ensure the property is still in the same condition and agreed-upon repairs have been completed. The buyers and sellers usually meet at the title company and sign all the closing documents together. However, if it's a cash closing, it can be done by mail. After all, parties have signed and the funds are received, the property is all yours!

Trusted Resources

At Railey Realty, we truly believe that our assistance does not end at closing. We still work with you to provide recommended contractors to take care of and maintain your house so you can enjoy your time at Deep Creek Lake. We can also suggest the best local marinas, great local restaurants, sports shops, and the best places to enjoy the many outdoor activities in Garrett County. Many times you will run into us at the local coffee shop, out on the lake, and skiing at Wisp Resort. We are your local experts on enjoying the Deep Creek lifestyle!

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