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Deep Creek & Garrett County Home Seller's Guide

We understand selling your Deep Creek home can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. We also understand you want to sell your house or property quickly for the best terms and highest possible price. Our experienced agents understand each seller often has a unique situation and will recommend the best course of action. We are very proud to state that, even without any franchise affiliations, we have been ranked #1 in listings sold at Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County since 1995. Below is a summary of how we provide the highest possible exposure to achieve your real estate goals. 

Proven Marketing

Our proven marketing combines the latest internet, social media, and online technologies with proven sales techniques, that has resulted in our continued rank as #1 in the area for the number of listings sold. When you list with us, we will include your property in a highly focused, result-oriented marketing plan that includes internet marketing, social media, professional photography, videos, and time tested traditional marketing techniques. 

See how our Proven Marketing will provide your property with the highest possible marketing exposure.


A well priced home will generate a lot of activity, showings, and potentially competing offers. One of our experienced agents will provide you a thorough analysis of recent comparable sales, competing homes currently on the market, and market conditions, to determine the best possible list price for your property. See our guide to Pricing Your Home For Sale for more information. 

Preparing & Staging

Having completed several hundred home sales per year, we know what makes your house and property stand out from the crowd. It's a proven fact that a clean, well maintained, and organized house with curb appeal will ultimately get a higher price than one that is in poor shape and un-kept. Presenting your house in its best light both online, in pictures, and in-person when potential buyers view the home involves a deep cleaning and minor repairs. When a potential buyer enters your house, you only have a few seconds to make a great impression. One of our agents will review your house and provide professional advice on how to best prepare your house for the market. For a more thorough list, please read our guide to Preparing and Staging Your Home To Sell for the best price.


Making your home easy to show and looking like a model home is vital to getting the best price. Every person that enters your house is a potential buyer. Creating an atmosphere where the potential buyer can emotionally connect with the home and property greatly matter. People would prefer to walk into an open, airy, well-lit home. A clean, light filled house with pleasant aromas can be used to your advantage. Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than an unpleasant smell in the house. 

Many vacation homes at Deep Creek Lake have finished, walk-out basements. Many of them also stay closed up during the week. Investing in a new, self-draining dehumidifier can pay great dividends when selling your house.


The difference between an experienced agent skilled in negotiations and one that isn't can be the difference in netting you thousands of dollars more. Much is gained or lost during the contract negotiations. When an offer is presented on your property you will have to negotiate the following terms and conditions with the potential buyer:

  • Purchase Price
  • Settlement Date
  • Deposit Amount
  • Contingencies such as Financial & Inspections

For the best results, hire one of Railey Realty's expert agents to represent you. 


More than likely, your sales contract will permit the purchasers to perform various inspections at their cost and within the time frames stipulated. The seller must make the property available for these inspections. After all the property inspections are completed, the buyer will usually provide a copy of all inspections and submit a list of the defective items that need to be addressed or fixed by the seller prior to settlement. Both parties then usually negotiate which items are to be repaired or a credit amount to be provided at settlement. 


In the days leading up to settlement, the seller must complete any agreed-upon repairs to be made, notify the various utility companies to change service, and notify the homeowner's insurance agent that the property is being sold. Due to distance, many sellers do not attend closings in person at Deep Creek Lake. Doing the settlement by e-mail and overnight mail are common. However, if all parties are present, closings are held at a title company or settlement attorney's office. The sellers will be asked to sign the deed, closing disclosure, and any other forms required. The closing attorney will then record the new deed and discharge all previous obligations of the seller. We pledge to provide our seller clients with timely information and the highest level of assistance throughout the entire selling process. Our professional support staff takes great pride in their work and are committed to making every transition a pleasant experience.


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